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Catherine Stower

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Clinical Mental Health Counseling
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
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Dr. Catherine Stower is an Associate Professor and the Accreditation Lead in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Online program. She has over twenty-five years of diverse experiences in higher education to include teaching at the graduate level (traditional on ground and online) in mental health and school counseling programs. Her professional background includes working as a high school counselor in the public school systems, community mental health agencies, government agencies, private practice, and both public school and higher education administration. Dr. Stower earned her Ph.D. from Virginia Tech University, a CACREP accredited Counselor Education program. She earned her Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling and her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Louisiana Tech University. She holds active licenses in school and clinical settings to include: Licensed School Counselor in Indiana, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida and Indiana, a Licensed Professional Counselor in Alabama, a Nationally Certified Counselor, and an Approved Clinical Supervisor. Dr. Stower has been a guest lecturer for several school and mental health counseling programs throughout the past several years and has presented at many state, regional, and national conferences. She also holds active memberships with several counseling organizations (ACA, ACES, SACES, MGCA). Dr. Stower continues to maintain a small private practice which includes counseling, supervision, and consultation services.

Dr. Stower resides in the state of Alabama with her spouse, mother, and their Maltese. She has two grown children and a granddaughter who are the light of her life. Her research interests include military families, women's issues, nutritional influences on mental health, and supervision in both school and mental health counseling. When Dr. Stower has free time, she loves to walk on the beach, kayak, attend Pilates classes, read a good novel, or just enjoy listening to the sound of nature while relaxing outdoors

Education History
Degree Institution Year
B.A. Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA 1989
M.A. Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA 1990
Ph.D Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA 2003
Professional Memberships
Role Organization
Member American Counseling Association
Member Association for Counselor Education and Supervision
Member Southern Association for Counselor Education and Supervision
Member American School Counselor Association
Member Military and Government Counseling Association
Licensed Professional Counselor, Alabama
Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Florida
Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Indiana
School Counseling, Indiana
Nationally Certified Counselor, NBCC
Approved Clinical Supervisor, NBCC
Community Involvement
Role Organization
Volunteer Red Cross
Volunteer Military Family Services
Title Location Date
Supervision of counselors-in-training while using ACT processes with marginalized military clients. Chicago, IL 2017, October
Counseling Service Members: Developing a Competency Based Approach for Ethical Care San Francisco, CA 2017, March
Reintegration and the Military Success Model Montreal, Canada 2016, March
Crisis fearlessness: Overcoming hesitancies when teaching counselors in training. Denver, CO 2013, October
Online Counselor Education Programs as a Social Justice Medium: A Panel Discussion of Counselor Educators Cincinnati, OH 2013, March
Critical incidents in military systems: Systemic case analysis San Francisco, CA 2012, March
Supervision beyond walls: Enhancing contemporary counselor training with the assistance of technology Nashville, TN 2011, November
Professional counseling with military members and their families: Challenges, potential obstacles and successes New Orleans, LA 2011, March
Best practices when working with military members and their families Mobile, AL 2010, November
Best practices when working with and supervising students serving deployed military families Williamsburg, VA 2010, October
Maintaining continuity and cohesiveness within military families between deployment cycles Boston, MA 2010, July
Transforming the Education of School Counselors to Meet the Needs of Current and Future Students in a Contemporary Society Pittsburgh, PA 2010, March
When Elmo and toy soldiers meet in the sandbox: Techniques for helping children adjust to deployment Birmingham, AL 2009, November
Transforming the education of school counselors to meet the needs of current and future students. San Diego, CA 2009, October
Postsecondary perceptions of the high school counselor’s role and functions Richmond, VA 2003, April

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