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Daniel Dayton

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IO/Business Psychology, Organization Leadership, Behavioral Economics
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
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I have been concentrating on furthering organizational learning theory (Peter Senge and Chris Argyris), and in contributing to the development of complexity leadership theory (Mary Uhl-Bien and Russ Marion). Central to my research in both developing and using those theories is applying the praxis of W. Barnett Pearce's coordinated management of meaning theory. Consequently, my research is decidedly rooted in a social-constructionist ontology, from which I hope to expand knowledge and application of organizational development that springs from the contributions of all organizational members. The potential areas of impact of this research include Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Human Resources Management, and Organizational Quality.

Education History
Degree Institution
B.S. Business Management/Finance University of Maryland University College
MBA Business Management DeVry University Keller Graduate School of Management
Ph.D. Organization and Management Capella University
Professional Memberships
Role Organization
Member Academy of Management, 2014-Present, Organizational Cognition Division
Member Academy of Management, 2014-Present, Management History Division
Member Symposium Discussant, Academy of Management, 2010 Annual Conference, Teaching Design Thinking
Member Academy of Management, 2008-Present, Management Education and Development Division
Member Academy of Management, 2008-Present, Organizational Development and Change Division
Member Academy of Management, 2008-Present, Organization Management and Theory Division
Reviewer Management Learning Journal, 2010-Present, Sage Publications
Reviewer Journal of Management History, 2011-Present, Emerald Publication
Organizing Committee Teaching and Learning Conference at the Academy of Management Annual Conference (Inaugural Conference), August 2013
Executive Committee/Webmaster Academy of Management, Management Education and Development Division, 2011-Present
Session Chair/Facilitator Academy of Management, 2011 Annual Conference, Management Education and Development Division
Community Involvement
Role Organization
Advisor the Board of Directors Cincinnati Choral Society (Non-profit Corporation), Cincinnati, Ohio, 2004-Present
Co-founder, President, and Board of Directors Member Queen City Bronze, Inc. (Non-profit Corporation), Cincinnati, Ohio, 2008-2011.
Areas of Expertise
Area Expertise
Business/IO Psychology Consulting Skills
Employee Development
Employee Engagement
Organizational Culture
Organizational Development
Organizational Diversity
Organizational Psychology
Career/Workplace Issues Leadership
Research Design/Methodology Mixed Methods Research
Qualitative Inquiry

Dayton, D. K. (2013, August). Socially constructed management communication and practice: A phenomenological study.Academy of Management Annual Conference Proceedings.

Dayton, D. K. (2012, August). The social construction of organizational learning: Examining the epistemology of master degree curricula.Academy of Management Annual Conference.(Winner of the Barry Armandi Award for Best Paper in Management Education and Development).

Dayton, D. K. (2011).Communicating quality: The social construction of management and leadership. Mason, OH: ALEF Consulting/Amazon Publishing.

Dayton, D. K. (2011).Communicating organizational quality: A phenomenological study through the lenses of organizational learning and complexity leadership theories. Ann Arbor, MI: Proquest/UMI Publishing.

Dayton, D. K. (2008).A coordinated theory of leadership: A synthesis of three theories of leadership. Capella University.

Dayton, D. K. (2007).Evaluating the dark side of leadership: A historical analysis of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Capella University.

Dayton, D. K. (2007).The arts, music, and religion in management education.Capella University.

Dayton, D. K. (2002). Copyrights and music. Keller Graduate School of Management MBA Thesis.

Question and Answer
Please describe your teaching philosophy.

Teaching is a natural extension of the research that I am currently conducting in Organizational Quality, and Organizational Communications, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership. I have a strong commitment to heightening the scholarly and philosophical level of education in management curricula, by challenging the students' critical thinking and building upon the social-constructionist nature of human communication that is so endemic to management and organizational quality. Consequently, the courses I teach challenge the students to think outside the box, moving beyond a transactional learning paradigm (inherent to information-centered instruction) to a transformational learning paradigm, deeply imbued with learning-centered philosophy. The curricula of courses that lend themselves well to this teaching philosophy include Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Theory and Behavior, and Management Theory and Practice.

Professional Skills
communication, decision making, executive coaching, graduate education, leadership, management assessment and coaching, online education, organizational assessment, organizational psychology, strategic change management