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International Psychology
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Dr. Larsen is a native of Denmark, where he acquired his masters in Eastern European studies and social science in 1998 from Copenhagen University. Initially Dr. Larsen pursed a military career and worked as lecturer and linguist at the Royal Danish Defense College, where he was responsible for training officers from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in preparation of these newly independent countries joining NATO. Dr. Larsen subsequently transitioned to the Danish Security Service, which mission is to identify, prevent and counter threats to freedom, democracy and safety. Having achieved the Rank of Captain, Dr. Larsen pursued a business career and assumed senior executive positions in Russia, in the UK and currently as CEO for a Danish owned company group in Shanghai, where he has been stationed since 2003. In 2012 Dr. Larsen acquired his PhD from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where he along side his business career has assumed the function of assistant professor. Dr. Larsen is currently disseminating his research relating to acculturation and destination branding in international journals and books under the Elsevier, Palgrave Macmillan and Lambert publication houses. Further Dr. Larsen is the liaison between the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and the United Nations' Global Compact and is committed to the promotion of social responsibility within his corporate and academic sphere of influence. Dr. Larsen is multilingual, fluent in Danish, English, Russian and German.

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