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Applied Behavior Analysis
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
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Dr. Walter S. Chung BCBA-D, CRC, NCP, BCCP, LPC, LBS earned his doctorate and master's degrees in Rehabilitation Counseling and Applied Behavior Analysis from Southern Illinois University. Currently he holds the following professional credentials: Board Certified Behavior Analyst--Doctoral, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Nationally Certified Psychologist, Board Certified Clinical Psychotherapist, Pennsylvania Licensed Professional Counselor, and Pennsylvania Licensed Behavior Specialist.

Dr. Chung had over 25 years of experience working with different populations in the community, particularly people with disabilities, people with emotional and medical problems, and families with child abuse and neglect problems.

Believing online learning is a trend in higher education, Dr. Chung has been involved in online teaching since 2002. One of his passions has been mentoring students in conducting empirical research and contributing to the field of psychology via professional presentation and publication. His current research interests include disability and social justice, positive behavior support, multiculturalism, and parenthood/family dynamics. Dr. Chung has over 30 refereed and non-refereed publications and has conducted over 40 presentations in professional conferences. He has served as editorial reviewer for various academic textbook publishers and professional journals including Sage Publications, Brooks/Cole Publications, Sage Open Access, Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal, International Journal of Multicultural Education, and Journal of Pennsylvania Counseling Association

Education History
Degree Institution
Doctorate in Rehabilitation Counseling/Psychology Southern Illinois University
M. A. in Counseling Biblical Theological Seminary
M. A. in Behavior Analysis & Therapy Southern Illinois University
B. A. in Psychology Southern Illinois University
Professional Memberships
Role Organization
Association of Professional Behavior Analysts
Eastern Psychological Association
Pennsylvania Counseling Association
Board Certified Behavior Analyst—Doctorate
Board Certified Clinical Psychotherapist
Certified Rehabilitation Counselor
Nationally Certified Psychologist
Pennsylvania Licensed Behavior Specialist
Pennsylvania Licensed Professional Counselor
Community Involvement
Role Organization
Editorial Reviewer Sage Open Online Journal
Consulting Editor Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal
Editorial Reviewer International Journal of Multicultural Education
Editorial Reviewer Journal of Pennsylvania Counseling Association
Areas of Expertise
Area Expertise
Autism Spectrum / Developmental Disorders
Applied Behavior Analysis Positive Behavior Support
Problem Behavior Reduction
Diversity Cultural Issues
Social Justice and Advocacy
Research Design/Methodology Mixed Methods Research
Therapeutic/Theoretical Orientation Behavioral Therapy
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
Solution-Focused Counseling Therapy
Title Location Date
Chung, W., Velez, M., Chung, S., & Woodward, G. (2015, November). Predicting Marital Satisfaction of Intermarried Adults. Presentation at the 2015 Pennsylvania Counseling Association Annual Conference.
Chung, W., & Chung, S. (2015, March). Antecedent intervention for optimizing sleeping behavior and medication of adult with developmental disabilities. Presentation at the 2015 Eastern Psychological Association Conference.
Chung W., Velez, M., & Chung, S. (2014, November). The role of ethnic identity, social support, spousal attachment and religious faith in marital satisfaction of interethnic married adults. Presentation at the 2014 Christian Association of Psychological Studies East Coast Conference.
Chung, W., Dahl, T., & Chung, S. (2013, July). Optimizing the use of Psychotropic Medications via Comprehensive Behavior Intervention among Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Presentation at the 2013 National Autism Conference.
Chung, W., Chung, S., & Delambo, D. (2012, October). Effectiveness of a Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention Program in Reducing Maladaptive Behaviors and Optimizing the Psychotropic Medication of an Adult Female with Autism. Presentation at the 2012 Autism New Jersey Conference.
McGinley, M., Chung, S., & Chung. W. (2012, January). Secondary to postsecondary transition of a student with high-functioning ASD. Presentation at the 2012 Autism Conference.
Chung, W., Eagar-Smith, S., Palmer, R., Delambo, D., Chung, S., & Huang, W (2011, January). Teacher perception of students with Autism. Presentation at the 2011 Autism Conference.
Huang, W., DeLambo, D., Chung, W., & Homa, D. (2010, May). Stress and age: A comparison of Asian American and Non-Asian American parents of children with developmental disabilities including Autism. Presentation at the 2010 International Society for Autism Research.
Chung, W., Edgar-Smith, S., Brundige, R., Canonica, D., Hogan, H., & Knight, W. (2008, April). Cycle of Violence: Bullying Pattern of Parents and Children. Presentation at the Pennsylvania School Counselors Association.

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Reiner, S., Pitcairn, M. S. L., & Chung, W. (2009). Instructor’s Manual with Test Bank to Accompany Substance Abuse Counseling: Theory & Practice (4th ed.). Pearson Education Inc. .