The Chicago School provides a world-class educational experience to our students, and prepares each one of them to meet the expanding health needs, demands and challenges of the 21st century. Gifts to The Chicago School are essential to supporting our mission of bringing new voices, leadership and expertise to professional psychology.

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Support for Academic Excellence

We are advancing creative and effective solutions to address the challenges of the field as well as the communities we serve around the world. Your contribution to The Chicago School, a not-for-profit institution that continues to prepare students from diverse communities to meet these challenges and needs in an innovative and service-oriented environment, will support these efforts and more.

Investing Now to Make a Difference

It is more important than ever to support our students in their journey to become professionals of excellence and change in the field as well as healing and strength in their communities. Your gift ensures that students and their families can pursue The Chicago School experience, and helps us invest in their future right now.

The Chicago School Annual Fund helps our students:

  • Receive scholarships and competitive financial aid packages—approximately 76 percent of TCSPP students receive some sort of financial aid
  • Experience a world-class graduate education of undisputed intellectual rigor
  • Participate in award-winning student programming
  • Take part in graduate research and study abroad programs
  • Collaborate with our talented and dedicated faculty, and so much more.

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