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Strengthening Our Futures; The Annual Campaign:

Contributions to the campaign help meet our greatest needs in providing the best educational experience. No matter how big or small, your gift will help us to prepare global change agents—professionals with the skills to understand and transform the human experience and improve the lives of others.

National Service Program

TCSPP’s National Service Program brings the faculty, staff, students, and leadership of our institution together, to create a community resource network that is greater than the sum of its parts. For a month each year, our entire organization reaches out to serve various causes and events in the community, providing volunteers to empower, heal, educate, assist, inspire, and support. We work at domestic violence shelters, we run in marathons to raise public awareness, we provide desperately needed counseling for those in need, we inspire children to reach for the sky. The School’s fundamental commitment to community service continues to be recognized each year by the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll.

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is very proud of our deep commitment to community service; after all, Service is one of our four founding tenets. TCSPP exists to educate and train people to help others, ease suffering, live happier and more productive lives, and provide healing. It follows that the kind of people who provide this education, and the students who come here to become practitioners in the art of helping others, are the kind of people who care enough to be part of that help and healing.

Whether you’re a direct participant in any of our community service activities, or are simply inspired by the commitment that is made by our students, faculty, management and staff, we ask you to become a supporter of TCSPP’s National Service Program. Your contribution is important because donations directly facilitate this university-wide effort, and allow it to continue growing every year. Join us in reaching out to help our community and providing critical support to the people on the front lines of improving the lives of people in need.

The Naomi Ruth Cohen Institute for Mental Health Education

The Naomi Ruth Cohen Institute (NRCI) works to overcome the stigma of mental illness. Contributions are used to promote educational programs and support organizations engaged in mental illness research, education, self-help, anti-discrimination and advocacy.

The Center for Multicultural and Diversity Studies

The Center for Multicultural and Diversity Studies was chartered to help realize The Chicago School’s commitment to multicultural awareness and cultural sensitivity. The center offers resources for students and faculty on cultural challenges or diversity issues and sponsors dialogues that promote cultural interaction.

The National Center for Research and Practice: Latina/o Mental Health

The National Center for Research and Practice Latina/o Mental Health and Center of Latina/o Mental Health were developed to promote well-being in the Latina/o community by contributing to the reduction of mental health disparities through the development of culturally sensitive practitioners. The center’s overarching goals are tied to the areas of research, service, training, and advocacy.

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Counseling Centers

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s Counseling Centers offer affordable and high-quality mental health care to communities throughout the region with a dedication towards compassionate, mindful, ethical, innovative, culturally-sensitive, and evidenced-based treatment for people in need. Pre-doctoral and MFT interns as well as doctoral and masters’ level trainees receive the highest-quality supervision and training from our staff of licensed clinical psychologists, and together, they tackle the real-world problems that face our communities. Devastating cuts in social service funding have left tens of thousands of individuals and Southern California families without needed counseling services. Faced with a dire shortage of available and qualified mental health professionals, TCSPP’s Counseling Centers’ efforts help alleviate this shortage and exemplify The Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s mission to serve the underserved. 

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The Nancy A. Newton Business Psychology Award

A tribute to the service and dedication of one of The Chicago School’s prominent faculty members, The Nancy A. Newton Psychology Award provides students with scholarship opportunities within their fields of study such as business community partnerships, nonprofit consulting, presentations at conferences and research projects and more.

The Ricardo Grunsten Endowed Scholarship Fund

Named in honor of one of the nation’s most successful Latino entrepreneurs, The Ricardo Grunsten Endowed Scholarship fund is awarded annually to students who exemplify the mission, vision and core values of The Chicago School in their academic and professional endeavors. Scholarship gifts assist students with funds to pay for tuition and fees, conduct research, and attend educational conferences.

The Theodore Weber Scholarship Fund

Named in honor of former Chicago School Board of Trustees member Theodore Weber and in recognition of his dedication to the institution’s mission, contributions to this fund will be applied to scholarships to be awarded to current students who demonstrate academic excellence, financial need, and/or professional promise. Fifty percent of contributed funds will be placed in an endowed account to ensure that the scholarship fund lives on in perpetuity.

TCSPP President’s Scholarship Fund

The President’s Scholarship award pays tribute and support to veterans seeking personal and professional growth through education. The fund supports military students who demonstrate a commitment to the mission of The Chicago School and who meet and maintain satisfactory academic progress. 


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