Answers to Your Questions

What is the Faculty and Staff Campaign for 2018?

TCSPP is a private, non-profit, 501(c)3 organization and eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions. Over the years, TCSPP has initiated giving campaigns for our constituent base and the Faculty and Staff Campaign is an opportunity for the entire TCSPP community to participate in and support our students, enrich our educational resources, support faculty research and community-based programming.

When those of us closest to TCSPP show our pride and dedication by making a financial gift, it demonstrates to individuals and organizations in our community that TCSPP is worthy of their support, too.

When is this year's campaign?

The Faculty and Staff Campaign for 2018 will be from October 25 through December 1. While we accept donations year-round, giving during this period is required in order to be eligible for the campaign incentives program. Your donation—of any amount—will make a difference for the students we care so deeply about, for faculty research, for counseling services, to help our Naomi Ruth Cohen Institute further their work in promoting mental well-being and reducing the stigma of mental illness, and for enriching our educational and training resources and capabilities, among other needs. For the hundreds of faculty and staff who choose to participate, this campaign serves as a wonderful source of pride.

I’ve already given so much, why should I contribute financially?

We recognize and acknowledge the many areas our faculty and staff give – by giving of their time to help a student or colleague at a partnering organization, presenting at conferences on weekends and evenings, self-funding continuing education opportunities, hosting business meals, to deciding against submitting mileage, transportation costs, or other business related expenses for reimbursement – and this is absolutely philanthropy in support of TCSPP! We also recognize the need for monetary support. Neither is more important than the other but being able to report to the community impressive monetary giving participation rates, even if your gift is $5, helps us secure additional financial support from individuals, corporations and foundations. Your monetary gift will be optimized by outside funders and this in turn will help our students and all of our programming needs.

Many organizations ask for my support; why should I donate to TCSPP?

By working at TCSPP, you’ve already demonstrated your commitment to excellence in education for careers in psychology and related behavioral and health sciences as well as your passion for service that embraces the diverse communities of our society. We ask that you take another step and make a monetary donation so that we may grow all philanthropic support and become even stronger in our ability to deliver on our mission.

I’ve already made my donation; will it count?

Yes! Every donation counts and no gift is too small. Thank you for your support!

Is participation in the Faculty and Staff Campaign mandatory?

No. Financial contributions are completely voluntary.

Does my giving have any influence on my performance review?

No. Giving has no influence on any performance evaluation. Donating is completely voluntary and not required of any member of the TCSPP family.

How do I make a donation?

There are many ways to donate. You can donate online, through payroll deduction, by check, or by sharing your plans to give in the campaign donation form. Details on how to donate can be found here.

What are my payment options?

If you choose to spread out your giving, you may participate in TCSPP payroll deduction program, make re-occurring gifts paying with your credit card online.

Can I choose where I want to designate my donation?

Of course and we encourage you to do so! We want your gift to be meaningful to you! You can support student scholarships, faculty research, community-based programming including the counseling centers, the Naomi Ruth Cohen Institute, among others. You may also make your donation in memory or in honor of a loved.  More information about your options can be found here.

What are some of the new student scholarship funds being launched in need of philanthropic support?

After soliciting feedback from our students, staff and faculty, on what additional areas of support are needed, as well as what they would like to help fund, we have created three new student scholarship funds: Scholarships for Returning Students, Scholarships for Under-Represented Populations, and scholarship support for Veterans and Members of the Military.

Is there a deadline for making my gift?

Gifts to TCSPP can be made at any time throughout the year but to be eligible for the Faculty and Staff Campaign incentive program, giving must occur by December 1. This does not mean that the full gift must be made by this date.  You have the option of participating in payroll deduction and spread your giving throughout the year, or make recurring gifts paying with your credit card online. To be eligible for the incentives program, at least one payment will be needed by the campaign end date of December 1.

How do I donate online?

Visit here to donate using your credit card.

How will my donation be recognized?

Donor names but not amounts will be included on the 100% Participation Progress to Date page of the Faculty and Staff Campaign website. You may also find out how your campus is doing by visiting this section of the website. Your name will be included along with all other TCSPP donors on our website when we launch our Donor Honor Roll in December. You will also receive an acknowledgment letter and tax receipt for your donation.

Can I make an anonymous donation?

When completing the donation form, please indicate in the check box that you want your gift to be listed anonymously and we will not share your name publicly.

Is there a minimum donation amount?

No, there is no minimum donation amount. And while we hope that each member of the TCSPP family will give at least $25, every single dollar helps and will get us closer to our 100% participation goal.

What kinds of incentives are there?

In addition to the feeling of being part of a greater good, and making an impact on the lives of our students, the community and the nation, we are offering incentives for participation. Our goal is 100% participation across all campuses – Southern California, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and Online. The first campus to reach 100% participation will enjoy a day off.  The second campus to reach 100% will have the opportunity to take the afternoon off.  And the third campus to achieve 100% participation will get a sleep-in day.

If I give, will I be asked to give again this year?

We encourage ongoing support from our entire TCSPP family.  This may be in the form of continued monetary giving, serving as ambassadors and sharing updates about the incredible work taking place at TCSPP with the external audience, or bringing prospective donor leads to the Office of Institutional Advancement. In addition, two fundraising events will be taking place in 2018 – one in Chicago in March and the second in L.A. in May. It is our hope that the TCSPP family will be willing to participate and purchase faculty/staff rate tickets at $50 per person and attend these meaningful events in their campus communities. More information about our 2018 Celebration of Chicago’s Social Impact Leaders luncheon event, and our 2018 Mental Health Heroes Award’s luncheon event, will be shared in November.

In addition to making a donation, are there other ways to support the campaign?

Yes! We ask that you share your enthusiasm and participation with your TCSPP colleagues which will help inspire others to give. You may also identify prospective funders in the community and notify the Office of Institutional Advancement so that we may take steps to secure their support. And most importantly, you can continue doing the wonderful work that is taking place each and every day to help our students and further the mission of TCSPP. Because, without your dedication, commitment and passion for TCSPP, we would not have excellent programs, outstanding research and community services, or student success.

Keep doing what you’re doing and thank you!

If I have more questions, who can I contact?

Please contact [email protected] or call Mickie Faris, Associate Vice President at (213) 283-4218. You may also contact one of  your campus Campaign Co-Chairs.