Campaign Leadership

What is the role of the Campaign Co-Chairs?

Our Campus Campaign Co-Chairs are highly regarded representatives from each campus – one member of the faculty and one member of the staff.  The role of the Campaign Co-Chairs, working together with the Office of Institutional Advancement, is to answer questions from colleagues about the campaign, encourage campus participation, and help report participation results to date.

Meet the dedicated members of our faculty and staff serving as champions for the Faculty and Staff Campaign for 2018:

Campus Campaign Co-Chairs

Cynthia Langtiw, faculty – [email protected]
Araceli Nevarez, staff – [email protected]

John Darland, faculty – [email protected]
Chelsea Overholt, staff – [email protected]

Southern California:
Lavonda Mickens, faculty – [email protected]
Eddie Batchelor, staff – [email protected]

Washington, D.C.:
Ryan Tobiasz, faculty – [email protected]
Lauren Friedman, staff – [email protected]