What’s Your Story?

Share your story: What motivates you to give and what does this support mean to you and TCSPP?

“My Faculty & Staff Campaign contribution is dedicated to The Dr. Michael Horowitz/Dr. Jeannie Gutierrez Immigrant/First Generation Scholarship. Supporting first generation graduate students aligns with the vision of the Master’s of Arts in Psychology (MAP), online program. In particular, it is exciting to think about the students we partner with from La Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) who may be able to start the MAP program because of this scholarship and support.”
John Darland, Department Chair, MAP online

“Having graduated from a TCSPP Master’s program, I know all too well the struggle of trying to give your school work all your focus while also working full-time every week to make ends meet. Most of our students have enormous responsibilities not just in their academic life, but their professional and personal lives as well. Balancing them, making sure your giving all enough attention every month, every year, can be exhausting. By giving to this campaign and specifically our returning students, I hope that I can contribute to taking some of the burden off our students’ shoulders. I know every dollar can have a huge impact for our students, whether it helps pay for parking, dinner, bills, new school books or whatever else that sometimes become a bigger burden than it should. I give to this campaign in the hopes that I can contribute to support our students’ ability to successfully continue their academic journey and graduate from our school feeling that they accomplished their academic goals to the fullest extent.”
-Martine Soernskog, Los Angeles

“As part of my participation in the Faculty and Staff Campaign, I willbe continuing my support of The Nancy A. Newton Business Psychology Award.  In recognition of her 31 years of service, the Nancy A. Newton Business Psychology Award provides opportunities to help students with financial needs to support their development as professionals and scholars.  Throughout her career, Dr. Newton advised and coached many of the great alumni and professors at the school, including myself.  Her devotion to the faculty, staff, and students has inspired years of alumni and hopefully contributions to the fund will help continue on her legacy.”
-Keith Carroll, Chicago

“My campaign dollars will support Student Scholarships for Veterans and Members of the Military because it is a way to show my appreciation for the sacrifices and commitments undertaken on my behalf through their service. Military service members deserve our support and I’m glad I have an opportunity through my contribution to give back, help them pursue their education, and show them that I care. My dad was a Marine and Vietnam vet and my significant other has been in the Army for over 20 years with multiple deployments. It’s a cause that’s close to my heart and I could not be more proud of our military… especially our military who want to come to The Chicago School and use their insights to help others in even more ways!”
-Adriana Kleiman, Los Angeles

“I believe the timing of this campaign is perfect. Not only will it bring in financial support for great scholarships, faculty research and mental health centers, it communicates who we are as an institution, our needs, and priorities.  I’m hoping the campaign will raise the awareness of TCSPP faculty and staff that we operate in the same space as other nonprofit charitable organizations, and are eligible to receive tax-deductible donations in a competitive space of large and small organizations. This is important as we move forward working diligently to increase non-tuition dollars to augment everything we do for our student body.  As for my giving, I intend to support student scholarships.”
Nichelle Edwards, Washington, D.C.

“I am excited to hear about TCSPP’s new giving program because there are so many great initiatives, projects, and centers to support. I am especially interested in supporting the returning student scholarship program.”
-Dawn Lehman, Senior Director, Sponsored Programs, Academic Affairs