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4 benefits of online Ph.D. programs

Online Ph.D. programs include the same content and offer the same quality of education, but with more flexibility. Discover more benefits now.

What comes to mind when you think of a Ph.D. candidate? A stressed student juggling coursework with other obligations? That’s not how it has to be. You can actually pursue Ph.D. programs online.

Online Ph.D. programs are especially common in fields like psychology and organizational leadership. And don’t let anyone fool you, these programs include the same content and offer the same quality of education, but with more flexibility and accessibility.

Here are just four benefits of pursuing your Ph.D. online.

1. Make your schedule work for you

If you have a part-time job, family commitments, or another situation that makes an on-campus Ph.D. program less than ideal, that doesn’t mean a doctoral degree isn’t in your future.

Online courses aren’t just for certificates or undergraduate degrees. Online Ph.D. programs offer more people the opportunity to go after their passions and obtain high-level degrees.

Through an online Ph.D. program, you can better balance work, life, and education by customizing your course and completing assigned work when it best suits your schedule.

2. Use technology to engage with professors and students

Online Ph.D. programs take advantage of email, comment boards, video conferences, and online course management systems to keep you connected with faculty and other students. This use of technology makes it easy to develop relationships with your peers and professors.

While online students use technology in their day-to-day, you can still connect with people in person. Many Ph.D. online programs still hold in-person events, or residencies. Instead of trekking to a campus on a regular basis, these special in-person events are easier for students to accommodate in their schedules. For example, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s online Ph.D. programs These are great opportunities to network and make face-to-face connections that you can foster online.

3. Save money

This isn’t just about the face-value cost of an online Ph.D. program. When you don’t have to commute or attend in-person classes, you’ll enjoy other financial benefits.

Accessibility isn’t all about flexible, online access. When students save money on travel expenses and other things, this makes online Ph.D. programs even more accessible.

4. Hone other skills

You can speak to these skills in job interviews and include them on your resume. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to obtain an online Ph.D., so this accomplishment can help you stand out from other applicants.

Ready to pursue an online Ph.D. degree?

At The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, we offer eight full-time, immersive online Ph.D. programs:

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