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Video recap: Experiencing humanity

The Chicago School students visit Berlin to explore the experience of refugees for the “Immigration in Context” study-abroad course.

Studying abroad is a transformative experience. It challenges perspectives and introduces students to various cultures while preparing them to tackle pressing issues they’ll face as professionals. Hands-on experience is vital to this, providing students with real-world experience as they advance their education while making an immediate impact in communities.

The Chicago School emphasizes this type of engagement and interactive educational experience.

Check out our amazing video recapping a 10-day visit to Berlin, where the “Immigration in Contexts” course provided an opportunity for students to influence issues on a global scale by bringing them face-to-face with the plight of refugees — a growing, global focal point due to the ongoing crisis in Syria. It was the first installment in the “Education Beyond Borders” initiative of TCS Education System.

The brief visit provided valuable experience, often unavailable for students juggling work, family, and school.

Students toured the emergency refugee shelter of the Berliner Stadtmission (a.k.a. “The Balloon”), an air-inflated shelter assembled in 2014 to assist in housing a growing number of refugees and asylum seekers.

The PhotoVoice project paired students with a shelter resident who, given a camera, toured Berlin tasked with using photography to answer a simple question: “Who Are You?” The photos eventually became displayed during an exhibition to conclude the trip.

Experiencing humanity in its darkest hour, many students found that even in darkness there remains a beacon of light.

Students also toured the city and its many landmarks, attended lectures, and participated in discussions regarding immigration.

Real-world engagement is what sets an educational experience apart. Not only does it offer an opportunity for practical experience to increase knowledge and confidence when dealing with real people, but it allows students a chance to immediately begin contributing to underserved populations.

Watch the full video to realize how you can begin making an impact around the world.

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