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Why are online psychology degree programs so popular?

Psychology online degree programs allow students to further their careers and increase marketability in the field of psychology while still maintaining the lifestyle of their choosing.

When it comes to choosing the next step in your career, there can be a big difference between what the job market says and what your lifestyle supports.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates that Psychologists will see 19 percent job growth between 2014 and 2024—much faster than average for all other career fields. Psychology and related career fields are on the rise and the demand for qualified professionals has never been greater.

On the other hand, with a full-time job, a family, or both, it’s easy to feel like it would be impossible to fit in the time to attend classes and acquire a degree. Not to mention, the prospect of going back to psychology graduate school after being removed from college for several years can be very daunting.

Luckily, one emerging educational model has begun to solve this problem for people trying to balance the desire to earn a graduate degree while continuing to work at their current job or care for their family: Online Psychology Programs.

Online psychology programs benefit students and institutions

Distance learning is a logical choice for both students and for schools.

As a student, getting a psychology degree online allows you to further your career and increase your marketability in the field of psychology while still maintaining the lifestyle of your choosing. With the flexibility afforded by online psychology programs, you’re able to stay in your current location and fit classes into your schedule.

From the school’s perspective, distance learning provides instructors an opportunity to reach students worldwide without requiring travel. Students pursuing a psychology degree online are often among the most focused and motivated, giving professors the opportunity to meet and mentor promising candidates via internet communication.

To quote a recent Fortune article, “courses thus provide a lucrative opportunity for universities to expand without being limited by the physical space of the university campus.”

Furthermore, the achievement gap between physical learning and distance learning is rapidly closing, as more and more top-notch students opt for online programs. Online psychology programs at The Chicago School offer both classroom learning and interpersonal connections with faculty. The faculty are the same practitioners who teach in the classroom, and online students are just as capable and driven as their classroom counterparts.

Don’t feel caught between what the market wants and what your lifestyle supports. By pursuing psychology graduate school online, you can find a way to balance both.

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