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Our Legacy. Your Calling.

Chicago’s #1 graduate psychology school has officially launched a B.A. in Psychology program.

For the last 40 years, we have been dedicated to offering innovative graduate-level programs that train professional psychologists to make a difference in local communities around the world.

Now, with the launch of the new B.A. in Psychology program at our flagship Chicago Campus, psychology students serious about pursuing a career in the field have the opportunity for a graduate-level experience while earning their undergraduate degree. If you want to study psychology, make it count. Continue reading to discover some of the benefits of enrolling in the newest program at our Chicago Campus.

Benefit from a wide range of graduate program offerings and locations

If you are serious about a career in psychology, it could be beneficial to begin your undergraduate degree at a school that offers direct pathways to different graduate-level psychology programs. Students in our B.A. in Psychology program at the Chicago Campus will have a range of options for continuing into a more focused graduate-level psychology program after completing their undergraduate degree—from traditional programs like Clinical Psychology and Counseling Psychology to more specialized areas like  Applied Behavior Analysis, Business Psychology, or Forensic Psychology. Visit our psychology programs page to view a full list of the graduate psychology programs we offer.

Additionally, as part of The Chicago School’s network, students won’t need to go through the same transfer process as undergraduate psychology students from other institutions. This helps keep attention focused where it matters most: on your education.

We also have campuses in iconic locations across the U.S. for students seeking to continue their education in a new place. In addition to Chicago, our campus locations include:

So, if you are thinking about moving to a different location for your graduate program, you still have options without necessarily needing to switch school.


Learn from distinguished faculty

Many of our faculty are thought leaders with expertise in various branches of psychology. Most are also actively practicing psychologists—whether they own a private practice or work for another organization. This allows them to dive deeper than theory once inside the classroom and relate aspects of the curriculum to situations they may have personally experienced.

Students are encouraged to engage with faculty and use them as a resource to learn more about the day-to-day life that a career in this field entails. Furthermore, many of our faculty-student relationships extend beyond graduation as our graduates seek guidance on how to begin their careers.

While it’s understandable that plenty of reading can be expected in college, it is the people you learn from that can often have the most lasting impact.


Discover the Engaged-Practitioner education model

Our unique model of education—known as The Engaged Practitioner Modelis based heavily on learning through community service and on grooming students to be “engaged” and active participants in their communities, applying their knowledge and skills in new and powerful ways to serve the greater good.

From their first semester on campus, we strive to provide our students with opportunities to learn outside of their classroom work. Many of these opportunities allow our students to refine their professional skills while making a positive and lasting impact, usually in their local community.


Network with faculty and alumni currently working in the field

At The Chicago School, students are part of a global network of professionals dedicated to making a positive change in the world. Our alumni work in a variety of sectors, including:

  • Government Agencies
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Private Corporations
  • Civic Industries
  • Academia
  • Nonprofits

This network can help students seeking mentors or field experience while completing their program and also provide insight into careers and job opportunities after graduation.

Are you interested in learning more about the new B.A. in Psychology program at our Chicago Campus? Fill out the form below to request more information, visit the program page to learn more, or you can apply today through our application portal.


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