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4 Reasons why you should study in Chicago

The “Windy City” offers distinct benefits for college students seeking to finish their degree and enter the workforce.

From its historical relevance to the wide variety of arts, dining, and entertainment options you’ll discover—America’s third-largest city has much to offer. Millions of people visit the city every year from around the world.

But beyond the tourist industry, Chicago also offers distinct benefits for college students seeking to finish their degree and enter the workforce. The city was identified in PricewaterhouseCooper’s “Cities of Opportunity” periodic report, where only four U.S.  cities even made the global list.

Read below to discover 4 reasons you should consider studying in Chicago if you’re serious about your education and your future.


Build your professional network

Read all the books you want, but sometimes who you know is just as important as what you know. Luckily, with more than 2.7 million people in Chicago working across a wide range of professions, you’ll have ample opportunities to connect.

At The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, our extensive community partnerships provide students a variety of opportunities for networking, volunteering, and professional development.


Extensive opportunities for field-work and clinical experience

When it comes time to complete your required fieldwork or clinical experience, you’ll be glad you chose Chicago. Studying in such a large and diverse city means you have a large and diverse range of options to gain the real-world experience you will need to finish your degree.

The Office of Applied Professional Practice at The Chicago School helps students come in and hit the ground running, supporting and overseeing all aspects of student practicum and internship training. They can assist with your training site search, application, interviewing, and acceptance processes.


Frequent professional talks, events, and meet ups

Chicago boasts the largest convention center in North America (McCormick Place) in addition to multiple other venues that host events like TED Talks, TEDx, Ignite Talks, tradeshows, conventions, and much more.

To learn more about events happening at our campus you can go to The Chicago School’s event calendar, or check out our list below to find out more about events and networking opportunities around Chicago:



When you find time to put the books down, it’s nice to have options for entertainment—Chicago is an art, dining, and entertainment hub of America.

Beyond the famed Chicago dog (hold the ketchup!) and deep dish pizza, there are literally hundreds of amazing restaurants to choose from; live music is playing somewhere in the city nearly every night; and you can watch a play or peruse one of the latest exhibits at a museum or art gallery any day of the week. Luckily, there are plenty of other websites to help you narrow down your entertainment options.


Are you interested in learning more about studying at The Chicago School, Chicago campus? Check out our campus page or fill out the information below.


Blake C. Pinto

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