I/O Psychology Alumna Inspires Others

TCSPP alumna and adjunct faculty member Dawgelene Sangster emerged from a turbulent childhood of domestic violence and abuse determined to empower others. She was drawn to Chicago School’s Industrial and Organizational master’s program because she wanted to learn how to apply I/O principles to inspire individuals to succeed professionally and personally.

“You can apply the concepts and theories of I/O psychology to any field because people work in every field.”

Implementing the business and psychology skills she gained in-and now teaches in-Chicago School’s I/O program, Dawgelene created a nonprofit, Think Royally. The organization’s motto is “Think It! Live it! Inspire It!” and helps individuals and organizations achieve their life goals through workshops, presentations, individual coaching, and leadership development consulting services.

In addition to teaching in Chicago School’s I/O program, Dawgelene is involved in a variety of side projects that support the Think Royally brand and philosophy. She’s authored three motivational books; hosts a radio show; and participates in a television talk show. The purpose of all of these projects is to inspire others to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

“The I/O program opened up my eyes to a whole new understanding of people and how they interact,” says Dawgelene. “I learned how to motivate and inspire others to pursue their passion and become effective leaders.”


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