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Sammie Williams

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  • Irvine, CA
Forensic Psychology
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
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With over a two decades of clinical experience related to infant, child and adolescent related issues, including dependency and juvenile justice, Dr. Williams currently provides a unique perspective to his students. Based in the Irvine campus, Dr. Williams uses his years of experience, teaching assessment courses and evaluations of children and adolescents of all ages (including infants and toddlers). Specializing in the assessment of developmental issues commonly seen in young children, specifically behavior and other mannerisms likely associated with an Autism Spectrum Disorders he is uniquely qualified to provide instruction in the evaluations of intellectual disabilities, as well as educational concerns such as learning challenges, Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE), second opinions, as well as evaluations that may assist in treatment recommendations and guiding planning. In addition, Dr. Williams also provide comprehensive psychological and forensic assessments, consultation, trainings, lectures and seminars on various childhood issues including violence exposure (i.e., trauma), delinquency, as well as juvenile justice matters.

Psychologist, California
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Child & Adolescent Development Learning/Learning Disabilities
Forensic Psychology Juvenile/Delinquency