Work With Children & Families

Even before completing her Ph.D., Nolana Nobles Bandy is already using what she has learned to help at-risk children and families.

Nolana is the Assistant Director of Children’s Services for Matrix Human Services—a Head Start-affiliated, Detroit-based nonprofit agency that aims to break the generational cycle of poverty.

“I design systems for children that meet the performance standards of Head Start but are culturally sensitive to the families of Detroit,” explains Bandy, a certified disability specialist and autism expert who oversees 28 centers in the Detroit area. “I really love what I do,” says Bandy.

With a strong focus on diversity and social justice, as well as the flexibility of online programs, The Chicago School gave her exactly what she needed.

“I had a lifelong vision of learning as I go but I realized that I needed a comprehensive world view,” Bandy says. “The Chicago School’s international psychology program really spoke to me and that’s where I landed.”

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