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Dr. Manika Turnbull is using her degrees from The Chicago School to help businesses function more harmoniously.

Dr. Turnbull’s master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from The Chicago School have catapulted her to the top at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL)—helping foster empathy in the corporate workspace.

manika turnbullAfter serving as Chief of Staff of BCBSIL, Dr. Turnbull was promoted in 2015 to Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer of Health Care Service Corporation, BCBSIL’s parent company.

She also joined the TCSPP board of trustees and serves as an advocate for the school that helped her turn a life’s passion for helping people into a fulfilling career.

In 2013, Dr. Turnbull was named to Diversity MBA Magazine’s Top 100 Under 50 Diverse Executives & Emerging Leaders List. In 2015, she became a Leadership Greater Chicago Fellow.

Meanwhile, Dr. Turnbull continues to serve as a member of the United Way Women’s Leadership Council and sits on the boards for The Chicago School, Facing History and Ourselves, and Playworks Illinois.

Dr. Turnbull explains, “The Chicago School prepared me to step into the workforce and add value. The Chicago School was the right institution at the right time (both times) for me and I’m proud to call myself an alumna.”

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