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For Rhonda J. Greenhaw, having a young daughter on the autism spectrum required her attention, 24/7.

“When I had my daughter, my purpose centered on helping her and understanding her challenges,” says Greenhaw, who is currently working on her third degree from The Chicago School (TCSPP). “TCSPP’s online program provided me with an avenue to access the credentials to help me develop a niche in the field while caring for my family.”

Rhonda J. Greenhaw - M.A. Psychology '09, B.C.B.A. '10Greenhaw is now a board certified behavioral analyst and one of the nation’s leading clinicians in the field of autism. Her achievements have led to a role as a professional fellow for the U.S. State Department through its Empowerment Project, which included diplomatic trips to Novi Sad and Belgrade in Serbia.

“I traveled to Serbia with the state department’s Mobility USA project team. The goal was to increase capacity in the Serbian disability rights organization to use social media as a means of organizing their community,” she says.

When Rhonda explored The Chicago School’s online master’s programs, she realized they had the flexibility she needed to pursue what would become her life’s work. Today, she empowers those with autism—leading the way to a world of hope for many families.

“Society has all of these hallmarks about what we think intelligence looks like, and what we think a valuable human contribution looks like,” she says. “The thing I find most inspiring is helping families recognize the capacity that’s inherent in their children. Society tells them it isn’t there. But it’s there. They just have to look at it in a different way.”

Greenhaw has become a champion for their cause, advocating for those like her daughter, who don’t always have a voice. It is a journey that has come full circle, a journey she says would not have been possible without the flexibility and hands-on experiences she had, and continues to have, at The Chicago School.

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