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Our programs are built to meet the needs of individuals who need to continue to work or take care of their families while they go to school. We offer 100 percent online programs as well as nights and weekend courses. Beyond that, however, The Chicago School fosters a supportive environment where the faculty, students, and staff will be there for you when you need them most.

As was the case with Kirby Christian.

Christian, a wife and mother, chose the Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) online program, in part, because of its flexibility. Although her supervisor questioned how she could engage in a social learning experience and develop appropriate counseling skills through an online program, Christian found that The Chicago School addresses this concern through a unique combination of online learning and practical application.

“I realize that CMHC has provided and prepared a system that facilitates my professional success through practical application,” she says. “In my first clinical practice experience, we met with a classmate and professor online and went through a number of activities, practice sessions, learning our basic counseling skills. It really prepared me for residency.”

The completion of the CMHC program was nearly derailed when tragedy struck her home life. Her husband was in a terrible accident and was out of work for four months. During that time, Christian knew she had to take care of her family.

Unfortunately, as she did, her grades fell and her place in the program was in jeopardy.

But, with the support of her professors—including Dr. Soli—she was able to get back in the program. With her drive and the support of the faculty and fellow students, she felt empowered to complete the program. “They empowered me; they really did. And, I’m extremely grateful for everything,” Christian says.

“It’s about believing in the community that’s been created within this program,” she says. “Our professors and fellow students truly care about us and care about our wellbeing.”

The Chicago School’s convenient and flexible class offerings work with even the busiest of schedules, apply now.

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