Dr. Bill Freeman, DBA, Health Services

Dr. Bill Freeman’s professional reputation has one major theme over time: creating opportunities. The Master of Public Health program director and department chair increased enrollment in the MPH program to 190 percent within the first 18 months of employment at TCSPP. The first two cohorts successfully graduated, and 100 percent then became employed in public or private sector health service jobs.

As an independent academic consultant, Freeman developed an MBA in a health care administration program, which included syllabi for 20 program courses. He also created a master’s program in health care administration and designed a 10-course certification program to meet requirements for the Medical Group Management Association. Dr. Freeman has developed internship placements at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institute of Health, and the Health Resource Services Administration.

“Over my career, I have had the pleasure of creating and delivering more than 150 graduate-level business, health care, leadership and nonprofit courses in traditional classroom settings, online, and in hybrid styles,” Freeman says. “I am passionate about the education process, particularly in connection with developing and executing competency-based education programs.”

He currently holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and theology from St. John Vianney College Seminary; a master’s degree in business administration from Southeastern University, and a doctorate in business administration from Nova Southeastern University.

Before becoming the department chair of TCSPP’s Online and Los Angeles Campuses in Public Health, he held positions as a professor at Argosy University; was a managing principal at the Institute for Healthcare Excellence; was an independent consultant for Potomac Associates & 501CWEB.COM; and the president, CEO, and executive director for the National Association of People with AIDS Services.

In the latter position, an assessment he took on Americans living with HIV was used as resource material before Congress; for local, state, and federal governments; and for charitable organizations and AIDS service providers. The National Association of People with AIDS Services also raised $1 million in debt financing to launch a pharmacy and established a partnership to serve as a distribution center.