Mental Health Awareness at
The Chicago School

At The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, we believe that there is no health without mental health. Almost 44 million Americans experience mental illness every year—and so many people are still afraid to talk about their struggles.

Mental health awareness is key to ending the stigma. That’s why we’re committed to providing mental health awareness resources and programs that train the next generation of mental health leaders.

Mental Health Awareness

The Impact of Stigma on Mental Health

While significant strides have been made on the mental health awareness front, a stigma still exists. Those struggling with mental health are often perceived as unstable, prone to dangerous behavior, weaker than their peers, or even difficult to relate with.

These stigmas result in challenges in a variety of instances or relationships:

  • Interpersonal or interfamilial relationships with those who don’t know how to help
  • With significant others
  • While seeking a job or at an existing workplace
    This stigma makes it more difficult for people to reach out to friends, family, and medical professionals.

“We now have clear evidence that stigma has a toxic effect by preventing people seeking help for mental health problems. The profound reluctance to be a ‘mental health patient’ means people will put off seeing a doctor for months, years, or even at all, which delays their recovery.”

Professor Graham Thornicroft,
Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London.

Ending the stigma on mental health issues is key to the mental health awareness movement.
The Naomi Ruth Cohen Institute (NRCI) for Mental Health Education at The Chicago School provides resources, hope, and community to those who struggle with the stigma of mental illness and those who support them. Support the NRCI and learn more now.

Mental Health Resources

Whether you’re living with a mental health issue or know someone who is, it’s important to get familiar with the many resources available to support you and your community.

Online resources:


How You Can Get Involved with Mental Health Awareness

If you’re interested in mental health awareness and advocacy, there are so many ways you can show your support.

There is no health without mental health.

Download a comprehensive report on the state of mental health now.

Articles on Mental Health Awareness

From children’s mental health to PTSD, explore The Chicago School’s articles on mental health awareness.

Mental Health in the News

Discover the latest articles on mental health awareness.

Our Graduates

So many graduates of The Chicago School have gone on to work in the mental health field.

Ronald Love

Ronald Love

Psy.D. in Psychology – Chicago Campus

Ronald is pursuing a Psy.D in Clinical Psychology at the Chicago campus, and he has spent almost a year as a mental health extern for the Isaac Ray Center. Ronald’s interest in the mental health field began when his cousin was diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. As he began reading about the mental health industry, Ronald found that African American male psychologists were difficult to find and he became inspired to pursue a career in mental health care.

Ronald has begun developing a youth program for adolescent black males, which he hopes to use as a way to give back to his community while also adding diversity to the clinical psychology field.

Jumel Grace Ola

Master of Public Health – The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Jumel is a graduate of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s Master of Public Health program. In her current job, she works as a Constituency Specialist for metro and rural hospitals. Some days she may convene with a high-profile hospital CEO to discuss important legislative initiatives. Other days she may collaborate on a webinar for best health care practices.

Ronald Love

Ronald Love

Corrine Wickett

Ph.D. in Psychology, Behavior Analysis Specialization – Los Angeles campus

Corrine graduated from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s Los Angeles campus with a Ph.D. in Psychology, Behavior Analysis Specialization. This Doctorate program helped Corrine to further her theoretical understanding of the science of Applied Behavior Analysis, and prepared her to create state-of-the-art clinical applications for her ABA practice. Corrine currently works as the Executive Director of an ABA agency serving children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental and emotional disabilities.

These experiences aren’t all-encompassing. Other career placements for The Chicago School graduates interested in the mental health field include:

  • Community Mental Health Counselor
  • Wellness Manager
  • Behavioral Health Technician/Therapist

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