National Center for Research and Practice, Latino Mental Health

The National Center for Research and Practice, Latino/a Mental Health and the Center of Latino/a Mental Health exemplify The Chicago’s Schools commitment to diversity by promoting well-being in the Latino/a community and contributing to the reduction of mental health disparities through the development of culturally sensitive practitioners.

The National Center’s overarching objectives are tied closely to the following areas: research, service, training and advocacy. Specific center goals include:

  • Facilitating the development of academic and empirical investigations regarding mental health issues pertinent to the Latino community and facilitating the dissemination and translation of research findings.
  • Establishing formal and informal mechanisms to communicate research findings, and training and service initiatives that would be considered by policymakers at local, state, and national levels.
  • Establishing and strengthening culturally-appropriate services geared to addressing mental health disparities within the Latino community.
  • Providing rigorous and structured clinical training to students and professionals working or intending to provide services to the Latino community.
  • Developing avenues for translating research findings into practice, through partnerships and other means.


Center for Latino/a Mental Health (CLMH) at the Chicago Campus

The CLMH works to address the shortage of culturally competent mental health professionals in the field today. The CLMH’s Latino Mental Health Providers Network, an initiative launched in 2009, is designed to increase the cultural competency of and build referral networks among Latino mental health providers in the Chicago area. The Center regularly coordinates and hosts workshops for professionals and students including an annual Latino/a Behavioral Health Conference. It also offers a fellowship award.