Graduate Programs in Clinical Psychology

Once you have decided to better yourself and your career by seeking a graduate degree in psychology, you may find the choices for graduate programs in clinical psychology a bit overwhelming. How far do you want to take your education?  Will a Psy.D. degree suffice, or will you need to acquire a Ph.D. instead?  This is one important factor that needs to be considered when searching for the right program.

How to Find Graduate Programs in Clinical Psychology

Because psychology graduate programs vary a great deal depending on the exact type of degree you need, the area of focus, and the goals you have for your future career, finding graduate programs in clinical psychology which are highly focused should be your top priority. Every individual program offers an education that is tailored specifically to the skills and knowledge needed for your precise area of interest.

You should also take a look at the teaching philosophy and theoretical focus of the programs you are interested in. Since different graduate programs in clinical psychology differ in their approaches, you should take some time to research your options and compare the various types of programs available. Speak with program advisors, take a trip to the campuses if you can, and meet with different faculty members who participate in the programs. You may also want to investigate the outcomes of students. For example, how many of the programs’ graduates found employment in their chosen field. These factors should all play a major role in narrowing down the perfect program for you and your needs.

Another key step to finding the best graduate programs in clinical psychology is to take some time and reflect upon yourself. What are your personal, professional, and educational goals?  Learning a bit about the various subcategories of psychology can really shed a great deal of light on this subject. This can also help you to identify in a clear way, exactly the types of psychology you find interesting, and which areas you believe you can do the most good. You should also take some time to meet with an academic advisor to help center in on your career options, and set up a plan for your studies.