Psychology Graduate School

In today’s dynamic business environment, individuals who want to enhance their careers must never settle for just the basics. Most professionals have earned advanced degrees which have opened so many more doors to opportunities. That is why it is vastly important for the person with a B.S. in psychology or related field to consider continuing into a psychology graduate school.

Psychology Graduate School: A Guide to Success

An applicant who goes above and beyond a traditional undergraduate degree and has the drive to attend a psychology graduate school proves a dedication and passion for his or her chosen profession that new employers seek.

This advanced degree is not limited to new students currently graduating from their four year curriculum. There are literally thousands of currently employed professionals who could expand their career potential with an advanced degree. Those working in Human Resources, Law Enforcement, and Marketing, just to name a few, could benefit tremendously from a higher degree from a psychology graduate school.

Once an individual has realized the need for future psychology education, it is important to select from the best psychology graduate schools. The school must be able to fit the new student’s lifestyle and schedule. Not all students can attend a traditional campus full-time. They may need a blend of on-line access to complement in-person classes. The best choice for many looking into psychology graduate schools is The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

The Chicago School is a regionally-accredited, not-for-profit institution with more than 4,300 students from across the globe. It is the nation’s oldest and largest graduate school devoted exclusively to psychology and related behavioral sciences. There are two campuses in California, one in downtown Chicago, one in Washington, D.C., and online.

For psychology graduate schools, The Chicago School offers an outstanding selection of Master and Ph.D. level concentrations. There are Master programs in Forensic Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis or Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Doctoral candidates can choose from exciting specializations like Applied Clinical Psychology, International Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis and Clinical Forensic Psychology. These are not all of the programs but rather a sample of the many career choices.

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology chooses to prepare students to be extraordinary practitioners, equipped to make a lasting impact on individual lives, in business settings, in diverse and under-served communities, and around the globe.