Whether it happens to your or you are a witness, you have the responsibility to report crime.  If a crime occurs on or around campus, report it immediately to the Director of Facilities (312-329-6621).  Incident/Accident forms are available at the 4th floor reception desk or on E-employee on the Chicago School website.

Crimes in progress and crimes that have just occurred should be reported by dialing 911.  Whenever possible, the actual victim or witness of the crime should call directly, firsthand information is always more accurate and complete. 

When calling to report a crime or incident, please be ready to give information such as: 

  • A description of what occurred
  •  Location where the incident occurred
  • Was a weapon used
  • Where and when was the suspect(s) were last seen
  • A description of what the suspects(s) looked like. Include: gender, race, age, height, weight, hair color/length, clothing, facial hair, tattoos, scars, and other noticeable features
  • Other relevant information

In addition, reporting incidents in a timely manner assists The Chicago School to develop procedures and warnings for the campus.