Our Three Goals

The Chicago School’s three goals provide a framework for our distinctive vision for the future of our institution, the profession of psychology and the communities we serve.

GOAL 1: Be Recognized as the Preeminent University of Professional Psychology in the World

Gain national and global prominence as the leader in the delivery, innovation and integration of psychology, and related behavioral and health sciences education and training.

By positioning The Chicago School to remain at the leading edge of psychology education, we will have the opportunity to be play a decisive role in the evolution of our field and the ability to forge pathways that will become the new and preferred approach to professional preparation.

GOAL 2: Innovate the Education and the Profession of Psychology for the Future

Increase the emphasis on health sciences professional education through the integration of mental health and public health.

It lays the groundwork for significant shifts in professional training that will change the way psychology and the health sciences are taught, learned and delivered. It builds on The Chicago School’s long-held philosophy that psychology is an essential factor in every area of human endeavor and circumstance, but that it is not a discipline to be administered in a vacuum. Its true potential lies in its integration with other aspects of life and in the understanding that mental health is a fundamental component of our well-being and must be incorporated throughout our healthcare system. We believe that there can be no health without mental health.

GOAL 3: Advance Psychology Education through Technological Innovation and Streamlined Operations

Achieve prominence in integrated learning platforms and ensure the institution-wide alignment of people, processes, systems and curriculum to more effectively and efficiently serve students.

With this goal, we acknowledge the vital role that technology plays in high-quality instruction and training, and have devised plans to keep The Chicago School at the forefront of technology innovation and operational efficiency.