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President's Blog

Welcome new and continuing students

There are few things more invigorating—or seasons more full of promise—than the beginning of a new academic year. It’s my privilege to welcome you to The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and to the Fall 2015 semester—whether you are pursuing the completion of your Bachelor’s degree, taking your first step in an exhilarating journey to a graduate degree, or continuing your studies here after a break of a few weeks or months.

The Chicago School is a special place with an extraordinary mission:  to prepare the very best psychology professionals who will spend their careers improving lives and serving the communities in which they live and work.

The impact we have on the world and our profession is remarkable; it can be measured in:

  • The nationally-recognized academic quality which now defines us;
  • The thousands upon thousands of community service hours donated each year by students, faculty, and staff;
  • The ever-expanding roster of nonprofit organizations that benefit from our rolled-up-shirt-sleeves approach to training;
  • The increasing number of TCSPP faculty and alumni who have distinguished themselves as thought leaders and innovators in the field of psychology; and
  • The programs we have developed to address the unique mental health needs of veterans, Latinos, and other minority groups; to diversify the profession; and to wage an unending battle against the stigma of mental illness.

Whether you find yourselves involved in direct delivery of mental or behavioral health services, the issues that you will tackle—as students and ultimately as professionals—are critically important in today’s world. Whether you find yourselves working with businesses, schools or communities to advance individual and organizational concerns, or reaching out across the globe to help victims of trauma and poverty, you will draw continuously on the wealth of experience and knowledge received during your TCSPP education.

Regardless of your field of study, I encourage you to build on what you learn in the classroom and in the field by joining professional organizations and interacting on a regular basis with others in your chosen area of specialization.  We all have much to learn from one another, and we can do it best by immersing ourselves in the professions we represent.

You will realize—if you haven’t already—that TCSPP is a growing university committed to innovation. Through a broad range of programs and locations, we are relentlessly expanding the ways in which psychology and related behavioral and health sciences can be taught and applied. Wherever you are in your Chicago School experience—whether you are studying in Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C., New Orleans, or Online; enrolling in your first TCSPP class, or completing an internship or a dissertation—please know that you are an important part of our community. We may be spread out across the country and even around the globe, but each of us is a part of our very special university. We all have the privilege of sharing in the pride of an institution that is grounded in academic quality and professional advancement.

If you are new to TCSPP, I encourage you to become familiar with the services we offer—study abroad opportunities, career services, and community outreach experiences—that can deepen your understanding of the field you have chosen, crystallize your career aspirations, and involve you in the many life-changing initiatives that are part of The Chicago School experience.

I look forward to seeing you as I visit individual campuses throughout the academic year. I hope you will have the opportunity to join me for student luncheons I will host at each location, and that you will keep up with the work your leadership is undertaking by following me on Twitter, and watching for regular updates from your campus and department.