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A first step in the right direction

Tomorrow evening in Washington, D.C., I am hosting a symposium, “No Health Without Mental Health,” at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health. Featured speakers are Dr. Stephen Porges, Dr. Mohammad Akhter, Dr. Christiane Cox, Dr. Georges Benjamin, and Dr. Sue Carter.

The panel discussion will bring a variety of important perspectives to the nation’s discussion on neuroscience and how its knowledge and its teaching benefit society. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology has long been recognized as a global thought leader in psychology.

We are now taking the lead on creating a national conversation to re-frame perceptions of mental health, increasing mental health services in underserved communities, and expanding access and quality of mental health care:

  • If we redirect the national conversation to one of promoting well-being instead of reinforcing stigma, we will open the doors to treatment for a vastly underserved segment of our population.
  • If we increase the well-being of all people, regardless of the cultural and educational background and their socio-economic status, we will change the lives of generations to come.
  • If we recognize that mental and physical health are synergistic and that professionals should work as teams, then we will take major strides in moving our country forward.

Tomorrow’s conversation on the links between the brain and behavior and the subsequent implication for policy and the practice of psychology is a major first step in the right direction.