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Austin police: At least 15 attacks on women across city since fall

With over a dozen attacks targeting women in Austin, Texas and the lack of public awareness, authorities were prompted to create a video warning them about a possible serial predator/s in the area. In this article, the local news website myStatesman interviewed Dr. Nancy Zarse about the behavior of serial predators and what could be the suspected predators next move.

“He’s lying low,” said Zarse, a professor with the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. “As time passes and that immediate awareness wanes, that complacency grows, and that is when he could attack again.”

About Nancy Zarse
Dr. Nancy Zarse is a licensed clinical psychologist and full professor in the Forensic Department at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Zarse is lead faculty for Hostage Negotiation, Violence & Risk Assessment, Psychology of Law Enforcement, Psychology of Terrorism, and Evaluation & Treatment of the Adult Offender. Read more about Dr. Zarse.