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Any Positive Change

He believed that every life was worth saving, and in treating people who use drugs with dignity.” The death of Dan Bigg in August 2018 prompted descriptive headlines — “the Godfather of Harm Reduction,” “Harm Reduction Pioneer,” “Revolutionary” — from media across the country and the world. And though the headlines sound exaggerated, they are […]

It’s Time to Talk Out Loud About Mental Health

People have been taught their whole life to ‘suck it up,’ to ‘stop crying.’ Jay Styles (pictured below with son Jack and daughter Elle) believes “the ability to talk out loud about mental health – how others are leading the charge to change the stigma and help others struggling,” is the biggest benefit to having […]

Kate Mahoney on Ethical Challenges for Practitioners

In this article with ” Addiction Professional”, Executive Director of the Naomi Ruth Cohen Institute for Mental Health Education at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology Kate Mahoney discusses the ethical challenges for practitioners. “…it’s more than just knowing confidentiality laws or what your mandated reporting requirements are, but how do you balance those issues of […]

Dr. Jennifer Thompson on whether cold weather affects our behavior

In this article with “Chicago Tribune”, Business Psychology Professor Dr. Jennifer Thompson discusses whether cold weather affects our behavior towards others. “It can create this upward spiral, where people shift to a self-perception of ‘I do good in the world,’ and that can really heighten meaning and purpose.” Read more.   Dr. Thompson is a […]

Dr. Hector Adames on how to Raise a Proud Afro-Latino kid

In this interview with “Parents Latina”,  Counseling Psychology Associate Department Chair Dr. Hector Adames discusses how to raise a proud Afro-Latino kid.  “And for little kids, who are always observing us, it’s not so much what we’re telling them but what we’re doing in front of them that’s important.” Read more.   Dr. Hector Y. […]

Dr. Nayeli Chavez-Duenas and Dr. Hector Adames on healing ethno-racial trauma in Latinx immigrant communities

In this article for peer-reviewed “American Psychologist”, Counseling Psychology Associate Professor Dr. Nayeli Chavez- Duenas and Counseling Psychology Associate Department Chair Dr. Hector Adames use an intersectionality framework to discuss the complex ways in which interlocking systems of oppression and anti-immigrant policies impact Latinx communities. The article also presents ways to stimulate healing in those communities. “Latinx […]

Chicago Campus’ M.A. in Counseling Psychology Program Earns 10 Years of Accreditation

(CHICAGO) (January 2, 2018) The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (TCSPP) is pleased to announce that its Chicago Campus’ M.A. in Counseling Psychology Program is accredited by the Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council (MPCAC) for the period of December 2018 through December 2028. The 10 years accreditation granted the program is the maximum allowed […]

Wayne Messmer, Ph.D. Wows Chicago Campus Graduates at Commencement Ceremony

The vocalist famous for wowing Chicago sports teams’ audiences with his rendition of the national anthem impressed graduates with his story of perseverance. At times quoting Eleanor Roosevelt, Winston Churchill or John Lennon, Dr. Wayne Messmer offered words of encouragement and inspiration as he delivered a rousing speech to the Chicago and Online campus graduates […]

Dr. Zarse Discusses Violence Risk Factors

After the May 18 school shooting in Santa Fe, TX,  TCSPP Forensic Psychologist Dr. Nancy Zarse interviewed with FOX 32’s Good Day Chicago and explained why it’s important to understand that there is a multitude of risk factors for violence, and why we should never try to parse out just one as a cause. She […]

Dr. Hughes discusses the role of school psychology

Dr. Candice Hughes, an associate professor in School Psychology, sat down with WBEZ’s “Morning Shift” to discuss the role of school psychology. From WBEZ: “The high school shooting in Parkland, Fla. became a megaphone in society’s ears that enough was enough. There have been debates on bringing in law enforcement in schools, arming teachers, and […]