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President's Blog

Connecting with students and alumni

Every so often, I take every opportunity possible to get together and connect with our students and alumni. Last year, I started a series of student lunches to hear directly about their progress academically, life-work balance and about their aspirations and plans for the future. I have come to deeply value the small lunch meetings.

Not only have I been able to get to know 80 plus remarkable people, we have found a way to directly discuss career plans and talk through the road ahead in their chosen profession. More than this, we have created a forum for added student support and networking.

Students are very appreciative of the opportunity to speak openly and honestly about their lives and I am honored to play a part in these discussions. The luncheons have now evolved into something even greater—a TCSPP Women’s Network, which promises to keep the students connected with each other and with the institution once they graduate.

Many of our alumni such as Dr. Melvin Hinton, Chief of Mental Health, Illinois Department of Corrections, have become game-changers in their fields. Meeting the alumni and learning about their remarkable accomplishments is truly the most rewarding part of my job!

Just this past Saturday, I invited a large number of students and alumni in the gorgeous setting of Matthew’s Garden Café in the Pacific Palisades, California to provide a lecture on financial literacy over a good glass of wine! Zara Guivi, Vice President at Perennial Financial Services, LLC, contributed her time and talent to ensure participants left with understanding the need to pay attention, as early career professionals, to building their financial knowledge and strength.

Please don’t hesitate to share your first week experiences with me by emailing [email protected]. Let’s also connect on Twitter. I am excited to hear from you!