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Access to mental health care critical for all

In response to the HB1840/SB 1556 bill recently signed into law as part of legislation known as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), I sent a letter to the Governor of Tennessee on behalf of The Chicago School community to express my thoughts on the likely impact of this legislation on access to mental health care for members of his community and, additionally, on the dialogue now occurring within the professional community as a result of this action. The passage of this bill would prevent the American Counseling Association from disciplining applicants/licensees in the state of Tennessee who violate section A.11.b of the Code and refuse to treat patients based upon their own belief systems.

At The Chicago School of Professional Psychology we embrace and value inclusion and diversity in our education and training model. In our classrooms, we set the standard for our graduates who will ultimately serve our communities as providers or change agents. This legislative action provided us with the opportunity to dialogue about the impact of such legislation and the diversity of opinions surrounding such actions.