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Don’t film your gas mask bong, and other life lessons from Laremy Tunsil case

Amidst the excitement of the 2016 NFL draft, controversy circled Laremy Tunsil, who was projected to be in the top five picks but was picked 13th, after a video of him smoking from a bong attached to a gas mask went viral. Department Chair of the Business Psychology Program at the Chicago Campus Keith Carroll offered his expertise in this Chicago Tribune article on how an incident like this could affect the average person looking for employment.

Keith Carroll, who heads the business psychology department of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, said employers routinely check applicants’ social media histories. He advises job hunters to “scrub their accounts to make them as professional as possible,” but says the simplest solution is not to post in the first place. “Don’t put stuff up on Instagram; don’t put stuff on the Internet,” he said.


About Keith Carroll
Keith CarrollBefore Dr. Carroll joined the faculty of the Business Psychology Department in 2008 as Associate Chair, he worked as a project manager for I/O Solutions, where he performed job analyses, developing and administering written job knowledge exams, practical examinations and promotional processes for public safety firms.