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Dr. Candice Hughes discusses the role of school psychologists with WBEZ

Dr. Candice Hughes, an associate professor in School Psychology, sat down with WBEZ’s “Morning Shift” to discuss the role of school psychology in America’s classrooms. From WBEZ: “The high school shooting in Parkland, Fla. became a megaphone in society’s ears that, enough was enough.There have been debates on bringing in law enforcement in schools, arming teachers, and having more mental health resources. Since then a bill to provide money to hire more psychologists at Illinois public schools has been working its way through the House. We’ll talk with Candice Hughes, a faculty member of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, to break down the role of a school psychologist.” Listen to the interview.


Dr. Hughes is an experienced teacher and school psychologist who has worked in public schools in the United States and in international schools in Germany and Switzerland. She lived abroad for fourteen years as a member of an expatriate family. Read more.