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Dr. Cutler and Dr. Eusebio discuss new parenting method that helps parents change unwanted habits

In an interview with lifestyle news site,, Dr. Michelle Cutler and Dr. Eleazar Eusebio discussed the efficacy of a parenting method developed by a stressed mom. The method, which has gone viral, employs the use of hair ties to help parents restrain from losing their cool. The ties are used as reminders to parents to be kinder to their children. “The best part of this approach is that it helps us as parents to be mindful about how we are responding to our children,” said Dr. Cutler.  Dr. Eusebio concurs, “… a concrete strategy may serve to help a parent consciously engage and be present in their interactions.” Read more.


Dr. Michelle Cutler is an associate professor in the Clinical Psy.D. Department, Chicago Campus. She is a licensed clinical psychologist with a specialized interested in working with children who have experienced trauma, particularly abuse and neglect. Read more.




Eleazar Cruz Eusebio, Psy.D., NCSP is chair of the School Psychology Department in Washington, D.C. Prior to joining the D.C. Campus, he was an associate professor at the University’s Chicago Campus for seven years, and has practiced as a clinician. Read more.