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Dr. Nancy Peddle’s invitation to United Nations

The Ebola outbreak that swept through West Africa last fall galvanized the global healthcare community to assist affected countries. The Chicago School’s International Psychology affiliate professor Nancy Peddle, Ph.D., already working in Sierra Leone, took immediate action. Under the auspices of her organization the LemonAid Fund, Dr. Peddle raised over $200,000 in food, supplies, vitamins and money to send to its LemonAid Fund Network. In collaboration with the Network, an Ebola crisis strategy was developed to holistically support prevention efforts and address needs that were going unmet. The LemonAid Fund Network worked on both the national level with the Sierra Leone Ministry, and also at the community level to get support directly to those in need.

“We supported some of the critical areas such as wash and sanitation; food and nutrition; basic needs of clothes and household items to cook; education; and psychosocial functioning,” explained Dr. Peddle. “Our Network leaders were trained in what to say and were willing to risk their lives to go out into the communities for just ‘food for work’ to sensitize people on Ebola transmission, procedures and prevention.”

Because of her work to fight the Ebola crisis Dr. Peddle was invited to the United Nation’s High Level International Ebola Recovery Conference – Technical Consultation on July 9, and the International Recovery Conference hosted by United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on July 10. While there, she participated in a working group responsible for writing three papers, including “Prioritizing Psychosocial Support for People Affected by Ebola in Sierra Leone.”

Founded by Dr. Peddle to aid individuals in their efforts to achieve position and lasting change in the lives of their children, families and communities, the LemonAid Fund helps to achieve the TCSPP pillar of Internationalization by providing support to TCSPP IP dissertation students in their international research. Students have also worked with the organization for their Power of One study abroad programs, service projects and field experiences.