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Dr. Nancy Zarse discusses New York terror attack suspect

In an extensive interview with FOX 32 Chicago’s “Good Day Chicago,” Forensic Psychology Department full professor Dr. Nancy Zarse shed light on what might have driven the New York City terror attack suspect to commit such an act. She also discussed the pre-attack triggers that signify to those around terrorists that they might be dangerous.

“There’s what we call a process of moral disengagement where people actually go through a process to disengage from what you’re referring to as your moral inhibition. They use euphemistic language. They blame the victims. They dehumanize the victims. They diffuse responsibility by saying ‘I’m part of a larger cause.'” Watch the interview.


Dr. Nancy Zarse
Dr. Nancy Zarse is a licensed clinical psychologist and full professor in the Forensic Department at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She consults with and provides training to several law enforcement agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Chicago Police Department (CPD), as well as to legal agencies such as the Chicago Bar Foundation. Read more.