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Dr. Nayeli Chavez-Duenas and Dr. Hector Adames on healing ethno-racial trauma in Latinx immigrant communities

In this article for peer-reviewed “American Psychologist”, Counseling Psychology Associate Professor Dr. Nayeli Chavez- Duenas and Counseling Psychology Associate Department Chair Dr. Hector Adames use an intersectionality framework to discuss the complex ways in which interlocking systems of oppression and anti-immigrant policies impact Latinx communities. The article also presents ways to stimulate healing in those communities.

“Latinx immigrants living in the United States often experience the negative effects of systemic oppression, which may lead to psychological distress, including ethno-racial trauma.” Read more.
Dr. Nayeli Chavez is a licensed clinical psychologist. She has significant experience working with immigrant, Latino/a and African American communities. She has provided clinical services to individuals and families referred by the Department of Children and Family Services. Read more.
Dr. Hector Y. Adames, obtained his doctorate in clinical psychology from Wright State University in Ohio. He completed an internship in neuropsychology and a postdoctoral fellowship in neuropsychology at the Boston University School of Medicine and the Center for Translational Cognitive Neuroscience. Read more.