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Emotional dimensions impacting healthcare access

Dr. Hector Adames and Dr. Nayeli Chavez were quoted in this Mayo Clinic blog post which discusses emotional dimensions that can impact access to health care.

“So how might we support each other in keeping in mind the emotional elements that prevent access to health care? How might we support each other in listening for the powerful insights that can emerge when we pay attention to our emotions and the emotions of others? What emotions does this piece raise for you and what meaning do you make of it?”

About Dr. Adames

Dr. Adames currently holds an academic appointment as Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where he teaches graduate courses in assessment, psychopathology, psychopharmacology, and research methods.

About Dr. Chavez

Dr. Nayeli Chavez - Lead for Latino/a Mental Health ConcentrationDr. Chavez has specific training in a wide variety of evidenced based parenting skills programs for externalizing behaviors as well as culturally congruent parenting skills modalities for Latino/a and African American parents. Dr. Chavez is currently the lead for the Latino/a Mental Health Concentration.