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Blake C. Pinto, a military veteran, joined TCS Education System’s marketing department as the Advertising Copywriter in July 2017. He has previously worked for HLR Media and LC Digital Marketing in Southern California.

Course Spotlight: Community Mental Health

Nadia Jones, Ed.D., LMFT, discusses the community mental health course in The Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s Marital & Family Therapy Specialization.

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TCSPP launches online nursing program focused on mental health

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN) program paves a path for current registered nurses (RNs) to advance their careers while also deepening their understanding about the impact of mental health during the delivery of quality, integrated health care.

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The many faces of applied behavior analysis

A degree in applied behavior analysis can prepare you to make an impact across a variety of industries—from professional sports to autism therapy. Here are four ways to apply a degree in applied behavior analysis that you may not have known.

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Join the forensic psychology field with an online degree

The fields of psychology and law intersect in a number of ways. So, if you’re interested in combining both into a career, forensic psychology may be your best option. Read on to discover more about this unique field, including the average job growth, career paths, and how you can pursue a degree in forensic psychology online.

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When the American dream becomes a public health nightmare

America’s culture has assigned gender roles within marriages for centuries. It’s been a simple concept: Men go to work. Women tend to the home. And although this way of thinking is steadily changing—there are fewer assigned gender roles in marriage today—it remains a cultural issue, not a legal one. The same can’t be said for […]

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