Author: Shamontiel L. Vaughn

Shamontiel L. Vaughn joined TCS Education System’s Marketing Department as the Editorial Writer in February 2017. She has previously worked in digital media with the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Defender, CBS Chicago, and Sun Times Network.

10 facts about PTSD to help spread awareness

The best way to combat stigmas surrounding post-traumatic stress disorders is to raise awareness. These 10 facts explain how to understand and interact with someone who is at risk or diagnosed with PTSD.

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Providing positive patient care for all

Christopher Watson, a Chicago School doctoral student and fellowship recipient, is using his 20-plus years in Public Health to help improve the patient relationship for black, gay men at risk of HIV/AIDS.

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Dr. Margie Martyn named Chicago dean

Margie Martyn, Ph.D., brings more than 20 years of strategic leadership experience in higher education to The Chicago School’s largest campus.

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Lifting the veil

Two women are doing their part to help bring understanding and compassion to a community on the defense: Muslims.

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