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Washington, D.C. event drives home need for integration of neuroscience, psychology, and healthcare

The event in Washington, D.C. exceeded all expectations! More than 300 attended or watched the live webcast on March 18. It was a great honor to spend the evening with experts in neuroscience. It was also remarkable to listen to their presentations on the imperatives of continued advocacy in eliminating the stigma associated with mental health and of integrating mental and physical health: the new paradigm in healthcare has arrived!

It was 16 years ago when former Surgeon General David Satcher, M.D., Ph.D., coined the term “no health without mental health,” challenging the American healthcare system to incorporate an understanding of neuroscience and its mental health implications into their work.

What Dr. Satcher recognized was that this relatively new area of science was fundamental to the practice of psychology, and that psychology, in turn, was fundamental to any comprehensive program of healthcare.

Unfortunately, it is an idea that has yet to capture the full attention of those who practice medicine or the many related areas of allied health. I am so proud of our institution for taking national leadership in advancing this crucial conversation that must result in policy changes to improve mental health care throughout our nation.