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President's Blog

President’s welcome letter

A new year is upon us, bringing with it new opportunities, new challenges and—I can confidently predict—a new list of accomplishments for our university and for the students who make us proud. I am thrilled to have all continuing and new students with us—on campus and online—and I look forward to yet another year of learning, serving our communities and, together, furthering the reach of psychology, behavioral and health sciences.

You have chosen a profession that promises to play an increasingly vital role in our global society. With each day that passes, the need for professionals who can help individuals, families, businesses, and communities thrive becomes ever clearer.

While we will stay busy assisting trauma victims abroad, engaging with communities that are reeling from violence and mutual distrust, helping families trying to communicate more effectively, and teaching organizations the strategies needed to improve performance, we will also work together to maximize all we know about the role and true impact of positive psychology.

It won’t be long before each of you takes your place in the professional arena and assumes the leadership positions needed to advance the organizations and communities you will serve.

At The Chicago School, we take our responsibility for preparing you—the next generation of psychology, behavioral and health science professionals—seriously.

To that end, we remain committed to introducing new programs, expanding or improving on initiatives already in existence, and engaging with new partnerships to enhance the education and services we provide. Along the way, we will continue to bring in our fair share of recognition and awards, all of which I will continue to share with you!

As the semester gets underway, I wish each of you success in your studies and in your own professional and personal growth. I look forward to the day when each of you will cross the stage to receive your diploma and make your official entry into the rewarding profession of psychology.

Please don’t hesitate to share your first week experiences with me by emailing [email protected]. Let’s also connect on Twitter @TCSPPPrez. I am excited to hear from you!