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Public Statement – Grading Policy

We are aware that recently a person affiliated with The Chicago School of Professional Psychology posted a tweet on their personal account that runs counter to our internal policies related to grading, as well as our core values. The Chicago School does not agree with, or condone, such sentiments or behavior. Several actions have been taken in response. To date, the post has been removed, and we have started our internal processes to address the situation.

Our university’s policies related to grading are very clear: only faculty members are solely responsible for reviewing and submitting final grades for all student assignments. Our internal review has found that this policy was correctly followed in the incident referenced in the tweet.

“The Chicago School has a 40-year history of respecting individual differences, and advancing the principles of inclusion and equality,” said Dr. Michele Nealon, President of The Chicago of Professional Psychology. “We have always been committed to addressing every such issue, as it provides an opportunity for sincere dialogue, and the further advancement of difficult yet crucial social justice topics. We are consistent in inviting and embracing difficult conversations that allow us advance our mission on topics related to multicultural diversity and inclusion.”

If you wish to convey any thoughts or concerns with The Chicago School leadership regarding this incident, please utilize the form below.