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Campus Stories

2018 TCSPP Commencement Season Begins with SoCal Campus Ceremony

More than 230 Chicago School graduates from the SoCal and Online campuses, and about a thousand of their friends and family filled the Long Beach Terrace Theatre to celebrate the momentous occasion that is commencement.

Amid the periodic cheers of support from the audience, the graduates were encouraged to “lean into” their new responsibilities and challenges as they go out into the world, a world where University President Dr. Michele Nealon told them their “skills could not be in greater demand and could not carry with them more significant potential for change.”

“There is a need for you,” stated Dr. Nealon. “(As) professionals with the tools and compassion to meet challenges and improve lives,” for a nation, she continued, that is struggling to find a common voice.

Indeed, the call to graduates to commit more rigorously to the University’s mission of service was echoed by nearly all the speakers that day. Student Speaker Moses Kushaba, who overcame significant challenges, including losing both his parents to the Ugandan HIV/AIDS epidemic, exuberantly called upon his fellow graduates to embrace service. “I implore you 2018 graduates to become those change agents, be good listeners because the world needs more listening and understanding right now!”

And lastly, both the Distinguished Alumna, Dr. Trisha Elloyan, and the Honorary Degree recipient, Dr. Elyn Saks, emphasized the important responsibilities  facing the graduates as they transition into vital mental health professionals in society.

“It may seem that the psychology world is so big,” said Dr. Elloyan, “but I guarantee you it is not.  It is a small community that we are all a part of and responsible for, so take care of each other and give back when and where you can.”

The Chicago Campus Commencement will take place on July 6 and the Washington, D.C. Campus Commencement will be held October 26.