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Dr. Eleazar Cruz Eusebio interviews with ‘the fix’ about preteen drug and alcohol use

Chicago Campus Associate Dean in School Psychology Dr. Eleazar Eusebio discussed the early use of drugs and alcohol by preteens, and factors that could contribute to their becoming dependent on either substance. ‚ÄúResearch has found biological, behavioral, psychiatric, and psychosocial risk factors that may contribute to young people developing an addiction. Childhood use of alcohol […]

Holistic approach to treatment

Dr. Gregory Canillas¬†discusses holistic treatment techniques for substance abuse issues in this article he wrote for HealthyBlackMen.org. “This treatment philosophy recognizes that people must be treated from a ‘whole person’ approach, and includes meditation, exercise, massage and nutritional therapy. The goal is to create balance and ‘wholeness’, and to provide relief from some of the […]