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Dr. Cutler and Dr. Eusebio interview with Simple Most about ending kids’ “nagging”

Dr. Michelle Cutler, associate professor in the Psy.D. Clinical Psychology Department, Chicago Campus, and Dr. Eleazar Eusebio, department chair, Ed.S. School Psychology Department, Washington, D.C. Campus, were asked to discuss possible merits or drawbacks of a trending parenting tip that advises parents to use the phrase “asked and answered” to break a child from the […]

Dr. Eusebio offers expertise on the efficacy of ‘brain games’

In an interview with reporter Nancy Mattia of NBC wellness site, “Better,” Department Chair of School Psychology, Eleazar Eusebio, Psy.D. discussed whether or not coloring, doing Sudoku puzzles, playing online brain-training games, or playing other “brain games” can help to improve the cognitive functioning in adults. Read the article “Can Coloring or Playing Sudoku Really […]