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Any Positive Change

He believed that every life was worth saving, and in treating people who use drugs with dignity.” The death of Dan Bigg in August 2018 prompted descriptive headlines — “the Godfather of Harm Reduction,” “Harm Reduction Pioneer,” “Revolutionary” — from media across the country and the world. And though the headlines sound exaggerated, they are […]

It’s Time to Talk Out Loud About Mental Health

People have been taught their whole life to ‘suck it up,’ to ‘stop crying.’ Jay Styles (pictured below with son Jack and daughter Elle) believes “the ability to talk out loud about mental health – how others are leading the charge to change the stigma and help others struggling,” is the biggest benefit to having […]

In early childhood mental health, bilingual counselors in short supply

Director of Educational Effectiveness Dr. Virginia Quiñónez was interviewed in this Catalyist Chicago article addressing the shortage of bilingual and culturally competent mental health providers for Latinos, and the negative impact it can have on Latino adults and youth with mental health issues. “We need to get mental health providers who understand their clients, and that […]