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The Student Handbook is designed to orient and guide students through their educational experience at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (“The Chicago School”). It contains information regarding the policies and procedures that govern both administrative and academic matters. Where appropriate, the student may be referred to another document or publication for further information.

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Some policies in this handbook are program—or campus—specific and are so noted. In addition, each program may promulgate certain policies, rules, or procedures to which its students are subject. Students are responsible for adhering to all rules, policies, and procedures of The Chicago School found in this handbook and other institutional documents.

The Chicago School may amend, without prior notice, the policies or procedures as stated in this handbook and other documents. All changes will be duly published whether in electronic or other form. Changes to The Chicago School’s policies and procedures affect all students who have not yet graduated. The school reserves the right to modify its academic requirements, policies, and procedures at any time. Clarification of matters contained in this handbook can be obtained from the directors of the appropriate administrative departments and offices.

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